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Top 6 courses in Nigeria that can give you a high paying job

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      While still in primary school Many Nigerians do not get a clear picture of the course they want to study in the University. For the majority, they know what they want when they get to Jss1-jss3( For readers outside Nigeria, Jss mean junior secondary school) but is it enough for you to have a clear picture of the course you want to study? No!
      In Nigeria, it is not just about what you like to study it is more of how lucrative what you want to study is because, what you study at the University can affect your chances of securing a good job.
      Have you seen many unemployed graduates roaming the streets? Most of them are unemployed because,the course they studied are not lucrative.
      With stiff economic conditions,many courses are not in demand but certain courses are still lucrative and that is what we will look at in this post.You may want to find out what these lucrative courses are.We will analyse 5 of them.
      1- Medicine
      This course is as old as Man. Show me a man who does not fall ill sometimes and i will tell you he is not human. With many problem ranging from electricity,lack of jobs to working longer hours, the health of most Nigerians is on a decline.This creates a huge demand for doctors in Nigeria.It is not easy to gain admission when applying for this course in Nigerian Universities as the cut-off mark is very high and this makes it challenging but if you have the desire and passion to study medicine and you know your onion(i.e you are very good in this field), you will definitely not be out of job.
      2- Accounting
      The financial sector in Nigeria is among the highest paying sector. What these means is that if you finish with a good grade and at the required age, you are sure to secure a lucrative job.Every year Financial institutions employ graduates from across all fields but you have an edge when you study accounting. Asides financial institutions, you can work in other places like Hotels, shopping malls, schools, government agencies e.t.c.
      However, you need to add other professional certificates to your portfolio to have an edge. Also, you need to start your career early as most banks do not take graduates above certain age. For some banks the age limit is 26 years why some only take graduates who are not more than 24 years old. What this mean is that by 18 years you should be in your year one in the University.
      3- Education
      There is a growing need for quality education in the country as the population is increasing. Once you study any major education course in a Federal Nigerian University and you finish with a good grade, you are sure to secure employment.I have not seen a person that knows how to teach Mathematics, chemistry or physics very well and he/she doesn’t have a job. The school you finish from can even employ you once they see that you are outstanding. Many teachers in government schools and some private schools are earning well. It boils down to how good you are in addition to your degree and the extra certificate you have like Masters , PHD e.t.c
      4- Computer Engineering and Information Technology.
      This is the third on the list as there is an increasing need for Tech savvy individuals. As far as you are very good in this field there is always a high paying job for you. You can work in Internet service providing firms, Banks,Telecom companies and the likes as they all need experts ranging from programmers to engineers. Asides seeking for job, can you just imagine the number of phones,laptops and other technological device in the Nigerian market? This presents an opportunity to set up your own business as many of these products will need maintenance and repairs.
      This course is a derivative of medicine and is also very lucrative. Many Nigerians may not visit the hospital throughout the year but go to registered pharmaceutical stores at least twice a year to buy drugs. With increasing deaths in the country as a result of fake drugs,educated Nigerians look out for reputable pharmaceutical stores where they can get quality drugs. Once you are very good in this field,you will earn a good living from it. You can work in any Hospital, Clinic, drug manufacturing and retail store. Whether you are able to secure a job in the hospital or you are employed to run a drug store, you will definitely be out of the streets.
      6-Civil Engineering/Building
      Construction projects are springing up everywhere across the country from bridges to houses e.t.c. Despite the economic condition, many people are erecting several projects on a daily basis. Once you are very good in this field, you will be gainfully employed. Environmental courses like Architecture, Building technology,quantity and land survey are in this list but i will say some of these courses are more lucrative than others. For example, an Architect may draft a design for a building and will be paid once for it however,the client may use the same design to erect several structures across the country. If he uses the same builder,the builder will be paid more as he will work on all projects.The real estate sector is also a booming one as Lands or buildings are bought, sold or leased and rents are collected on properties periodically.

      Other courses like Petroleum engineering, law and the likes are lucrative as well and there are people earning well in these field too but the chances of securing employment might be slim for the vast majority that is why they do not make it to Top 5 @ gistaxi.com
      Though we believe these are the most lucrative courses in Nigeria at the moment, it is also important for you to note that it really isn’t about the course but about you. This list above is just a guide when applying for a course in any Nigerian University but success in any of these fields largely depends on how creative and hard working you are.
      If you think any course should be among this list state the name of the course and the reason you think it should be among this list in the box below

      Written by Joseph O.



        what of courses like Estate Management





          Thanks John for your question.Estate management is also lucrative as well and falls under No 6 on the list

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