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Things That Could Make You Go Blind With Time

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      Have you ever wondered how life without your eyes could be? Terrible right? but what if you were doing things that can harm your eyesight,You will immediately stop doing those things and that is exactly what this post will address.
      -The following should be avoided by all means if we want to live happily without losing our eyesight

      1. Staring at your smartphone all through the day
      For all smartphone lovers who cannot do without scrolling through their phones throughout the day,please note that when you spend excessive time to read those tiny texts on the screen of your phone or computer, the rate at which your eyes blink decreases.When your blink rate starts to decrease, it also decreases the tear duct in your eyes produces less fluid. When the eyes slows down the rate of producing fluid, the eyes begin to feel dry and tired and this causes blurry vision. Researches are coming up with evidence that spending more more time on the screen might lead to irreversible damage of the retina.
      I came across a very useful tip in this regard if your job involves spending longer time on a computer screen.It is the 20-20-20 rule What it means is that for every 20 minutes of screen time, shift your eyes to look at an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This will help your eyes relax well and will make them appear sharper than the eyes of someone who don’t adhere to this rule.
      A word of caution is “Don’t spend too much time on your phone or computer screen.”

      2. Reading with dim or excessive light

      Reading with dim or excessive light is not good for your eyes the light intensity should be balanced. The eyes need light to see objects properly but less light or excessive light stresses the eye muscles. When these muscles are over stressed,the chances are that your eyes might not be able to function properly. So it is advisable to read with sufficient light.
      Also, avoid using a laptop or phone in a dark room with no light as all the rays coming from the device will be entering your eyes.If you must use your phone in a dark room ensure the room light is switched on as rays from other light source will scatter the rays coming from your device

      3. Smoking
      When we hear that smoking is not good for the body, we tend to forget that the eyes are part of the body. Excessive smoking over the years is associated with a higher risk of cataracts and other age-related ailment which affects your vision and could lead to partial or complete blindness. Tobacco tends to release chemicals that are harmful to your eyes, hence they must be avoided by all means.

      4. Rubbing your eyes
      Almost everyone eyes itches at one point in time or another but using your hands especially when they are dirty to rub your eyes is not the best option at all. It may give you a moment of relief, but you’re also spreading dirt and bacteria into your eyes when you rub them. Eye rubbing has been linked to permanent corneal damage. Also, it can break the fragile eye vessels . It’s also important to note that if you feel something in your eye, trying to rub it away with your dirty hands could even make the dirt sink in deeper. Rather than using your hands, try to blink rapidly so that your tears wash it away. If that doesn’t work, put in a few eye drops to flush out the eye or use a clean white towel to rub it out gently.

      5. Staring directly at the sun
      Do you stare at the sun directly sometimes? if yes, then you are putting your eyes in real danger. It is not good at all to stare at the sun in a direct manner. The ultra violet rays of the sun can lead to blindness. If you must work under the sun,use appropriate sun glasses. Choose a brand with UV protection as this can serve as extra protection for your eyes.
      In addition, avoid reading under the sun when it is very intense

      6. Using expired eye makeup
      A lot of girls are affected here because women use make-up more.After they use this makeup and they see that it is about to finish,they continue to add water even if these products have expired hence giving bacteria an enabling environment. You might not want to do away with your favorite eye shadow, mascara e,t,c when you have not finished using it but you are harming yourself when these products have expired.
      Studies have also shown that expired eye makeup can irritate your contacts or cause series of eye infection.

      “Our eyes are windows which opens our minds to the world we live in please lets take care of them very well and avoid anything that can damage them.For further comments please see box below.

      Written by Somto and Joseph. O



        The first two reasons are obvious but the last one suprised me alot.



          i have learnt a lot from this

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