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Important secrets you were never taught in school

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      Life is all about profit and loss. Most times a lot of emphasis are placed on getting higher college or university degrees, attending business schools and the likes. All these are set-up with the aim of ensuring that you understand the life and business environment thoroughly but  schools will only guide you in the business world. They will not necessarily make you a successful business Man or woman.Let’s delve into 5 things you won’t be taught in school so that you can prepare your mind on challenges ahead.

      1. In life, skills matter.
      Most  schools will only teach you that you need to do more professional courses, exams e.t.c to climb up your career ladder. This may work for some but it doesn’t work for the vast majority with harsh economic conditions. These days more attention and jobs are available to those who have a specialized skill. Writing a professional exam doesn’t stop you from learning a skill. So look inwards and discover what you are good at doing with your hands and learn a skill along that line you might be surprised it could be the only source of income for you.

      2. Some courses may not relate to real life businesses/your job function.
      While you are still in school, you may think that all the courses you took are practical. Of course, all courses are valuable but not all might help you in the line of business you choose or relate to your job function. You may be surprised that someone where you work may not have taken the same set of courses you took and will still earn same salary and respect. As long as such ones finish the task assigned to them, no one will ask them what they learned in school. Life is a different school of it’s own. In fact many people are currently earning money outside what they learned in school.

      3. How to view people correctly.
      In school, a person in the same lecture hall with you could be your friend or an enemy but in life you just can’t determine who really loves you. The same applies to business as some of your customers might be your competitors who will always look out for loopholes in your business and use that to improve on theirs.In an official environment too, a supposed friend may prove to be unwilling to assist in times of need. In addition, a good friend at the office may cut off your chance of promotion because he/she has to make his/her own way. So you have to learn how to identify the traits of people around you as their actions may contradict their words.

      4. Saving money isn’t easy.
      In school you will likely be taught in business courses that savings is one source of funds for starting a new business but they won’t explain to you that saving money is not always easy. Basic needs and wants will demand your income.This will include food, clothes, rent, transportation to and from work to name a few. After removing all these expenses, you will realize that what is left may be too little. That is why you need to put up a saving plan and extra effort which will help you start a business with the little you have as there is no such thing as a favorable time to start.

      5. Business success is not all about good grades.
      Your aim at the end of school is to finish with good grades. You might think that getting good grades in school will give you a good career. Again, this may work for some but not for everyone. Outside school you will discover that life involves more than good grades in fact many successful business men did poorly in school or never attended school at all. Also  in Many countries including Nigeria, many with good grades are unable to set up a successful business or still at home looking for a job why those who finish with lesser grades might be fortunate to establish a successful business or get a job.
      This doesn’t mean that you should relax and say good grades don’t matter. Why you strive to attain good grades, know that anything can happen in life so don’t rely on many theories about business you were thought. Rather, look at your environment and come up with a need satisfying business that doesn’t require huge capital.

      Written by Joseph O

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