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8 Things you must check before you buy that new phone

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      Buying a new smartphone is exciting. Many of us feel this joy when we buy something new. However,that joy is short lived when we discover that what we bought is performing below expectations.For many today who go for new smartphones,it’s either they are buying to prove they are big or because their current phone lack some features or is bad. Whatever the case may be,this write-up will assist you in making the right decision as there are lots of phone brands.

      What makes a new phone good is not how flashy or attractive it may be but rather it’s about a phone that has at least most if not all the features listed below

      1. Cost effectiveness
      This is a determining factor before you make any purchase. You shouldn’t buy a phone to impress anybody because everyone of your friends are buying it. Ask yourself why is this phone expensive?Is it because of it’s features? Can i get same features from another brand that is less expensive? Of course it’s up to you to decide how much you will spend on a new phone but the bottomline is that the phone should be worth the price not the trend.

      2. Durability
      For any new phone this is the second thing you should look at after it’s cost. Ask yourself is the phone durable? If it falls to the ground will the screen break? Is this phone brand known to be durable?An expensive phone may not be durable. It won’t be nice to buy a new phone and after a week or two you take the phone to a repair shop that’s why it is important for you to check the type of material used in making the phone if it is built with metal, plastic, glass e.t.c
      For a durable phone screen,it is advisable you go for those with gorilla screen.It is also nice to get a strong phone pouch for protection of the phone as some built in applications of a phone could be affected when a phone falls to the ground.

      3. Good Battery capacity

      This should not be overlooked at all especially if electricity supply where you live is very low. A mobile phone with low battery capacity means you will be charging it every time. It is true that some activities like gaming or browsing certain sites consume battery but a good battery should last more than 24 hours before recharging.
      For long lasting batteries buy a phone with at least 5000mAh but it is not just the mAh (milliampere hour) that matters, the processor also affects battery consumption as a phone with low power core processor will not drain the battery.

      4. Fast Processor
      What is a phone’s processor? i will simply say it’s the total engine of a phone.The CPU(central processing unit) is a part of it. It is responsible for processing any command you want on your phone. A good processor is fast and consumes less power. If the processor is slow, your phone might respond slowly while you are performing some tasks that is why you need to check the processor speed of any phone you want to buy.The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is one of the best in the market.Generally,Phones built with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are usually fast.

      5. Good Screen display
      Imagine watching a video or playing a game and the display quality is poor you won’t enjoy the experience that is why it is advisable to buy phones with a high PPI(pixels per inch) PPI is a term used to measure the degree of sharpness and brightness of display.A phone with a high PPI will have sharper display quality
      The phone should be able to adjust automatically to sunlight as it won’t be fair to put the phone screen closer to your eyes because you cannot see a text when you are outdoor.

      6. Large storage space
      With so much interesting and useful apps these days, it is wise to buy a phone with a large storage space.Though we have several online storage spaces like Google Photos, Google Drive e.t.c The offline storage on your phone is still important. You might be a type that enjoys movies,games songs e.t.c With large memory, you can store all your favorite items in your phone but if your phone memory or RAM(random access memory) is small,you might have to delete old apps to install new ones and what if the old apps are very important? it becomes a problem and so you might start looking for a memory card. So, save all that stress by going for a phone with at least 3GB of RAM. If you use your phone for numerous tasks, then a 6 GB ram is ideal

      7. Good Camera technology

      Have you ever noticed how the same photograph appear when snapped with different phone cameras?You will see that some images appear fantastic why some appear as if the picture was taken in the 90’s. It all depend on the camera technology. These days it’s not just about the mega pixels of the camera. A picture quality is also determined by a camera’s sensor size, and aperture. Cameras with wider aperture means that the picture will appear brighter. Also go for cameras with smaller aperture value as the smaller the aperture value of a camera, the better the image quality what it means is that you should go for an aperture value of f/1.7 rather than a value of f/2.0

      8. Other packages
      Another thing to check for when buying a new product is the extra goodies or accessories it comes with. For me i love a new phone that comes with accessories such as headphones, cables etc and the most important is the 1 year warranty in case you experience a software fault after purchase.
      Buying a new product is fun and more fun if it carries out your tasks and beats your imagination. So, ensure you buy smart by looking out for the feaures listed above. I hope you have benefited from this post. For further comments see box below.

      Written by Joseph O


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