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10 qualities to look out for before you marry any guy

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      When you ask any girl who is ready for dating and marriage the type of man she wants, some will tell you they want a man who is tall, dark and handsome. Some will say they want a man who is rich and able to take care of their material need and don’t care if he is handsome or not. Still, others will say they want a man who cares about their feelings,makes them feel special and understands them.

      As a girl or woman which of these responses will you give? Why you think about that, Imagine you find a man who is (1) handsome, (2)caring and (3)also able to take care of all your need. This is termed the “ideal man” by many ladies but Unfortunately, many men out there do not have all this attributes. Only a few men possess all of these why some might have 1 or 2 of these attributes but even if a man lacks or possesses all the 3 attributes mentioned,that is not all you need to be looking for as a woman.You need to look at other important qualities as well. As for the 3 attributes mentioned above, we will also talk on them too so you know what you should look out for in a life partner. Right away,lets look at important qualities you should check for in a prospective mate

      1. He should love you
      This is the foundation of a successful marriage. When a marriage is built on the foundation of selfless love, the sky will not be the limit. However, most girls might ask “how will you know if a man loves you?” The truth is that he won’t hide it. He will show it by his words and actions .A man who loves you will not only say “i love you” He will prove it in many areas.He makes you feel safe when you are around him and supports you through difficulties. In summary, A man who loves you will do the following 2-10 steps listed below. So pay attention to these steps.

      2. He should respect and treat you well
      A man you should marry should be the type that respects you. You will know if a man values you by his actions. He doesn’t have to buy you gifts everyday to prove this. A man who respects you will not talk harshly to you even if you offend him and when he offends you, he admits his mistake and apologize sincerely from his heart. He doesn’t make degrading comments about you nor any member of your family. He respects you also by seeking your opinion too in important matters.

      3. He should appreciate you

      Does he value the little things you do for him? does he say thank you? or is he never satisfied with the little you do? When you try your best to look beautiful does he admire you? These are little things you should note as these go a long way to sustain your relationship.

      4. He should trust you
      Trust is a key element of any relationship as lack of trust could destroy love. For instance, does he always want to know your where about? i don’t mean knowing where you are because he cares but because he thinks you might be with another guy.You have proved to him several times that you are loyal to him yet he asks you questions that makes you feel you are cheating on him, it means he doesn’t trust you and it could harm your relationship.

      5. He should be able to guide and protect you
      A man who truly loves you will care about your protection and will not want to take advantage of you.When people treat you unfairly,he sees it as an insult to him and he fights on your behalf.

      6. He should be honest and truthful
      You should not settle with a man who is deceitful or tricky. Of course no one is perfect but does he lie to you all the time maybe because he wants to impress you or cover his tracks? When he says yes does he mean it? Is he secretly texting other girls and telling you that you are the only woman in his life?
      A man who is honest will not only give you praises as he will also criticize you sometimes not to make you feel bad but to make you improve.

      7. He should be morally sound
      A prospective husband should be of good habits and morality. Of course we all have bad habits since no one is righteous all the time but a prospective husband should not be excessive in his habits. He should not be seen as someone who is a flirt, promiscuous, a drunkard e.t.c as these could lead to violence, infidelity and quarrels, in a relationship

      8. He should be hard working
      This area is often overlooked by many girls as they prefer a man who already have a well established job and good income. Why this may work for some girls, it doesn’t work for the vast majority but as a girl who is serious about bringing your relationship to a marriage, even though your guy is not rich materially, ask yourself is he hardworking? does he have a tangible skill that can put food on the table? does he have good plans for the future. If yes, then it shows that he has good potentials

      9. He should be generous
      This is another vital quality to look out for. He might not have all in the world but ask yourself is he willing to give the little he has?is he stingy? Being generous is not only about giving money or gifts. A generous man will not only give you material things he will also be willing to give you his time.

      10. he should be handsome
      As mentioned earlier in fact all girls want a guy who is handsome. Some who fell for guys that are handsome physically, later found out they made a big mistake. I am not saying handsome guys do not make good partners but what makes a guy truly handsome is not his looks alone but his pleasant personality. A handsome guy is not a dictator, is not too possessive,too needy or excessively clingy. You may wonder why i put this quality as the last on this list. This is because handsomeness is the total of all the qualities listed above.

      When a man exhibits all 9 qualities listed above, you will see his handsomeness.
      As you seek for a life partner, you are sure to make a wise decision with the above qualities as a guide.Of course no one is perfect and most men may not meet up to all the above expectation but as a girl, if a man has at least 50 percent of these qualities you can encourage him to be better. With these hints no doubt you should know what to watch out for in a prospective husband.

      written by Joseph O.

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